Hey, friend!

Holly here. I got the idea for Glad Matter after hearing from more than a few people that a lot of my paintings made them smile, lifted their mood, or just made them think of things like hope and joy.

My designs, like my paintings, are focused on how color and form interact to evoke feelings—and sometimes even ideas. So it wasn't too far of a leap to think that maybe I should sell art that's meant specifically to be joyful.

And I'm using this shop to help others find more joyful days too, by donating 20% of profits to nonprofit organizations promoting wider and more equitable access to mental health care and services.

I've always had a thing for bright, happy colors—especially combined. When I was a baby, my mom would sit me in front of a pile of brightly colored pillows while she cooked dinner, and I'd just stare at them, like it was a TV. And my room when I was a kid.... Well, take a look below.

And enjoy the site! Shoot me an email if you have any questions.

This was my childhood bedroom, designed by me. No, I'm not sure how I even managed to sleep in there, but did it maybe foreshadow my future artistic endeavors...? Hmmm.